These are “brick and mortar” galleries that are well worth a visit if you are in the area.


Afterimage Gallery
Dallas, TX

Andrew Smith Gallery
Santa Fe, NM

One of the best collections of classical and comtemporary photographs.

Ansel Adams Gallery
Yosemite National Park
Photographs by Ansel and other photographers.

Center for Photographic Art
Carmel, CA
Remember the Friends of Photography?

Fraenkel Gallery
San Francisco, CA

George Eastman House
Rochester, NY
An unbelievable collection. Go there!

International Center for Photography
New York City
Another must-see place

Photo-Eye Gallery
Santa Fe, NM
Exhibits of well known photographers.
Photographer’s Showcase is an online gallery of serious photographers, known and unknown.

Photogenesis Gallery
Santa Fe, NM

Photographs in a variety of price ranges.

Photography West Gallery
Carmel, CA
Good collection of West coast photographers; a must-visit if you are in Carmel.

Scott Nichols Gallery
San Francisco, CA

Weston Gallery
Carmel, CA
Great collection of West Coast photographers; another reason to visit Carmel


List of Galleries
Galleries in the US and abroad, by location