Links to a few of my favorite photographers:


Eugene Atget
No, he didn't have a website! But you can see some of his pictures here.

Paul Caponigro
The world's greatest living photographer in my opinion. No website, but you can see some of his photographs here.

Tillman Crane
Luminous platinum prints

Imogen Cunningham
Gone, but not forgotten

Henry Gilpin
I bought my first real photograph from Henry Gilpin, and have never looked back. He died in 2011, but you can see some of his photographs at the link here.

William Henry Jackson
The first great photographer of Yellowstone!

Michael Kenna
Beautiful night photographs

Gene Kennedy
For many years Gene coordinated a series of workshops at the Gladding McBean clay works in Lincoln, CA. An extraordinary number of wonderful photographs resulted. His are among the best.

Andre Kertesz
One of the great masters, and one of my favorites

Marty Knapp
Known for his photographs of the Point Reyes peninsula. The word that comes to mind when I see his photos is gentle.

Roman Loranc
Spectacular photographs of the Central Valley of California, and of eastern Europe

Tom Millea
Georgeous platinum photographs; unfortunately he can no longer make them due to health problems. His more recent pictures are still beautiful.

Henry Paine
Henry is a photographer and camera repairman in Stockton, CA. He makes some of the most beautiful black and white prints you will see anywhere.

Eliot Porter
Well known for his color landscape photography

John Sexton
The heir-apparent to Ansel Adams?

Paul Strand
Another one of the great masters

Huntington Witherill
Black and white landscapes and photos of pressed flowers. He is constantly trying new things; currently doing mostly color